Child Injuries

child injuries caused by auto accident car crash injured my child need personal injury attorney to evaluate accident and get compensation

Child Injured in Accident Lawyer

Children, young people, minors, son or daughter; they are all precious cargo.  We must protect and help children who have been injured, or emotionally scarred as the result of an accident.  When a child is injured, they depend upon responsible, loving adults and child injury attorneys to be their advocates.  If you are a parent, you know how difficult it can be to see your child injured. You would take on the pain yourself if you could.

At Action Law Offices in Wisconsin, we understand your concerns regarding your child, and we are here to help. From our law offices in Milwaukee, Racine and West Bend, our child injury lawyers serve injured children throughout Southeaster Wisconsin with heartfelt dedication.

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What caused your child’s injury?  If your child was injured because of someone else’s negligent or deliberate actions, our personal injury lawyers have the resources to investigate and demand fair compensation.

  • Was your child injured in a car accident? Despite car seats and watchful adults, children can be seriously injured. Our law firm can determine what caused the car accident. If your child was injured in a dart-out accident (running into the street), was the driver taking appropriate care?
  • Negligence causes serious injuries to children. When an apartment complex sets the water temperature too high and a child suffers a burn injury, when a playground swing is poorly repaired and causes a fall and brain injury, when an improperly maintained swimming pool causes a drowning accident, or when a dog bites a child, talk to a lawyer who knows how to make an effective claim for medical and psychological injuries.
  • Dangerous products can cause child injuries. A lopsided stepstool at a daycare, a poorly designed toy, a defective car seat or inappropriate medication can put a child in danger. We have experience with defective products (products liability) cases.
  • Was your child assaulted? Our personal injury attorneys have handled difficult cases involving physical assaults and sexual assaults of children. We have the compassion to help you through a difficult time and the legal knowledge to hold the responsible people (and their employers) accountable.

Children are more fragile than adults and accidents can cause catestrophic, life-long injuries, or even death.   Here is more information regarding different types of injury cases that we represent:

When an accident causes injury to a child, trust that Action Law Offices will take care of any concerns regarding legal matters pertaining to the injured child and recovering compensation for those injuries.  We are reputable. We are experienced.  We are affordable.  We care.

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