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Archive for April 2014

Drunken Driver Victim Accidents

In an instant, your life has turned upside down from someone else’s reckless actions. You likely feel overwhelmed not knowing how to pay your medical bills from your inability to work during your recovery. When the stakes are high, seek legal help from an experienced personal injury law firm.

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Wisconsin’s Boating Season off to a Deadly Start

As of early August, Wisconsin’s 2011 boating season reached a sad milestone: the number of boating deaths for the summer of 2011 had already equaled the total number of boating deaths in 2010. And, with approximately a month left of summer, Wisconsin’s boating season may be in its waning moments, but there is plenty of…

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Wisconsin Implements New Drunk Driving Laws

Beginning in July 2010, Wisconsin drivers will face higher fines, more jail time and stricter penalties for driving under the influence (DUI). Signed into law by Governor Jim Doyle on December 22, 2009, the new rules are viewed by many lawmakers as far from perfect — but a move toward strengthening Wisconsin’s drunk driving laws.…

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Recreational Vehicles and Motorcycles Are a Recipe for Fun and Danger

Although the warm-weather season in Wisconsin can be short, Wisconsin residents love to make the most of it. We enjoy our numerous lakes, forests and scenic roadways on personal watercraft, all-terrain vehicles and motorcycles. These recreational vehicles bring people closer to the great outdoors with the added thrill of adventure. Even in the wintertime, the…

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Number of Drivers With Drugs in Their Systems on the Rise

When most people hear the phrase “driving under the influence” (DUI), they think of alcohol, and for good reason. A growing concern, however, is the number of drivers who operate a vehicle after taking some kind of drug. Drugs of all stripes, legal or illegal, prescription or over-the-counter, can cause impairment, making it a risk…

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No Snow and Warm Weather Let’s Ride

As the seasons change and the weather moves steadily toward summer, the long hibernation for motorcycle enthusiasts comes to an end. Whether a weekend trip through Door County or just a short ride to work, motorcyclists have plenty of options for riding in Wisconsin, including the freedom to choose whether or not to wear a…

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Before Contacting a Personal Injury Lawyer, You Should Know:

The insurance adjustor is on the insurance company’s side, not yours.

Some are aggressive and try to scare people into not making a claim or into accepting very little compensation. Other adjustors seem kind and helpful — and then use your own words to deny your claim. The bottom line: the less the insurance company has to pay out, the more incentive the adjustor has.

We will investigate to establish liability and damages.

Our law firm has extensive resources to investigate an accident and assess who was at fault, regardless of the accident type. We work with a range of investigators and experts whose expertise provides crucial information for our determination of a fair settlement value.

Our attorneys can explain your coverage and your rights.

If you were hit by an uninsured or underinsured driver, your insurance company may fail to tell you about your rights under your own policy. We can also help you understand your medical coverage under your health insurance policy.