After An Accident; Do This, Not That!

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Do’s and Don’ts After Being Involved In An Accident

Get Medical Attention – Don’t Wait

Accidents can cause symptoms of injury immediately. It is also normal to feel confused and in a state of shock. The saying goes, “if there’s damage to the vehicles, there may also be damage to you.”  If an ambulance arrives at the scene, this is not the time to act tough. Seek medical attention for your injuries as soon as possible.  When you obtain medical treatment may impact not only your health, but also your injury case.

Gather Evidence – Don’t Tamper With Evidence

If, and only if you are not seriously injured, this is your opportunity to gather evidence.  There is no expectation for an accident victim to perform a professional accident investigation process, but you can make observations of your environment, and take pictures as well as notes. Get names and contact information of witnesses because they don’t always stick around until the police arrive.  Never tamper with evidence by attempting to change the scene of an accident or dispose of evidence.

Be Careful About What You Say – Don’t Chatter

Remember, you may be in shock after an accident.  This is not the time to strike up a conversation that is not necessary.  What you say could come back to impact your injury case in a negative way.  One of your rights is that you are free to say nothing, and sometimes that’s better than saying too much.  If you choose to answer questions, be truthful and get right to the point.  Avoid talking to the person you are suing, and don’t divulge too much information to the insurance companies without talking to your attorney first.

Hire Lawyer Dedicated To Accidents – Not One Who Handles Multiple Practice Areas

We’ve all heard statements such as, “don’t order burgers from a Mexican restaurant.”  This is because it makes sense to order the “specialty,” something predictable, consistent and experienced.  The same is true when searching for a lawyer or law firm.  Why would you hire a divorce lawyer to file bankruptcy?  Or a family law attorney for a personal injury case.  When you’re injured in an accident, hire a personal injury lawyer who is dedicated to accident cases.  This means all areas of practice will revolve around personal injury and accidents of all types.

Action Law Offices Is Dedicated To Accident Cases

Action Law Offices has been serving the Metro-Milwaukee and surrounding areas for nearly twenty years.  We represent clients who have been involved in accidents of all types.  Our goal will always be to represent accident victims.  We ensure clients receive compensation for their injuries or families receive compensation for wrongful death cases.

DISCLAIMER: Blogs and articles cover very basic accident and injury topics for education and awareness such as statistics, Wisconsin Laws, injury areas, compensation and injury victim rights. Information not intended for legal advice; consult with an attorney directly.