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Aggressive Driving Leads to WI Road Rage Accidents

Actions stemming from road rage can lead to serious accidents and injuries.  Aggressive driving and road rage behaviors are considered ‘risky’ by most insurance companies, and there’s good logic behind it.   If you’re the aggressor of road rage your putting other people in danger.  If an accident occurs as a result, it may not bee seen as a true ‘accident.’

There are going to be traffic backups, crowded roads, and drivers who are not following safety rules of the road.  According to National Institutes of Health, about one-third of citizens report committing road rage at one time or another.   If you come across someone who is driving aggressively, get out of their way as safely as possible.  One cannot control the actions of another.  Take a deep breath.  Do not challenge them, and you just may avoid becoming a victim.

Theories behind aggressive drivers who become enraged

  • Drivers very ‘territorial’ on the road and don’t want to share.
  • Drivers agitated by distractions inside, or outside of the vehicle.
  • Drivers personally offended maneuvers and ‘errors’ of other motorists.
  • Drivers have pre-existing anger management issues.
  • Drivers feel need to respond in negative way to negative stimuli.

road rage

Some drivers are thought to be extreme instigators who do what they can to get others to react.  There are other theories that say road rage is cultivated in childhood.  Small children witness highway hostility and road rage from parents and other relatives.  As a result, the back seat becomes a “road rage nursery,” teaching negative…rather than positive reactions to real-life situations.


Wisconsin Road Rage Accidents

Any case that involves intentional harm by another driver, including motorcyclists, could include vehicle damage and reckless injury.  If you’re struck by an agitated driver, you have rights to defend yourself.   In Wisconsin, punitive damages may also be awarded if there is clear evidence of intentional disregard regarding the safety of the plaintiff.

Injured?  Take Action! 

As Wisconsin accident attorneys representing Milwaukee, Racine, West Bend and surrounding areas for more than 15 years, Action Law Offices has seen hundreds of cases whereby road rage was likely to be present.   If you’re a victim who has been involved in a suspected road rage accident, contact us for a free case evaluation.

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