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rear end collision caused injuries to myself or passengersA rear end collision accident can happen between two vehicles, or between a vehicle and a bicycle, or a vehicle and a pedestrian.  They happen often and are commonly reported accidents in the state of Wisconsin.  The combination of tailgating and other irresponsible actions such as excess speed, distracted driving, and drunk driving  can easily lead to a rear-end crash.  The driver at fault of a rear-end crash should be held liable for the damages.  This includes property damage and any injuries the other driver and his passengers may have suffered.  Proving who is at fault is always the burning question.

Who Is At Fault In a Rear End Crash?

In virtually all cases involving a rear-end collision, or a rear-end-accident, the person who was rear ended is not likely responsible for the accident. The responsibility for the accident is almost always placed on the person who rear ended the vehicle in front.  Normally these types of  car crashes happen when there is not enough safe distance between the front of one car and the back of the car in front of them. However, assumptions will not hold up in court and no insurance company is going to pay out unless there are facts to support the claim.

In a smaller number of cases, liability for the accident may be on the driver who was in front.  Here are some examples:

  • The driver in back couldn’t safely get around the front driver who was driving recklessly; it was impossible to avoid hitting them.
  • In a multi-vehicle crash, a third vehicle strikes a car from the side or behind, pushing it into another vehicle.
  • The driver in back had a safe distance between vehicles, but the front suddenly stops in traffic without warning.
  • The driver in back had a safe distance between vehicles, but weather conditions such as snow or rain made it impossible to stop.

Injured in Rear End Collision

Taking your eyes off the road for just a second can lead to a collision. Rear-end crashes often cause injuries to the back, head, face and arms.  In most cases, faster speeds mean far more serious injuries. But even rear-end crashes at a low speeds can injure the neck shoulders and spine.   Whiplash is a term which refers to hyper-extension and hyper-flexion; a sudden and violent “snapping” motion like a whip.  The action leaves body parts stiff.  For some people the pain can last for many years.  The force of impact on your spine, even at low speeds, can result in compression of disks in the spinal column, (herniated disks).

Rear End Accident With Multiple Vehicles

In a multi-car accident you may get hit from behind and also pushed into the vehicle in front of you.  That second impact may make your injuries more severe, especially when high speed is a factor. Whether you have minor or major injuries, you may have grounds upon which to file a personal injury claim after your accident. The rear-end crash lawyers at Action Law Offices have the comprehensive team you’ll need to thoroughly investigate the entirety of your crash. The more evidence to support a claim that the accident was the other driver’s fault, the better.

Common Rear-End Accident Injuries

Getting hit from behind can cause a wide range of injuries.  Here are the most common injuries that result from this type of accident:

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We are dedicated to standing up for your rights and the rights of your injured family members who have been the victim of a rear-end collision. We can help you seek the compensation you deserve and help you deal with any lawsuits that may be filed against you, including those filed by someone that you hit if the rear-end crash caused a chain reaction.  Our firm works hard to see that the negligent person is held responsible and that you can move forward with healing and recovery.

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