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It is not uncommon for construction workers to suffer a fall from a high ladder, scaffolding or window at a construction site.  Chemical burns can occur during the welding process, and electrocution hazards are prevelent when working with exposed wiring, power lines, and unfinished electrical systems. Construction workers are in a highly dangerous environment of heavy equipment, chemicals, gases, confined spaces, heights and electrocutions.

Distracted drivers pose a real risk to the safety of construction workers.  It is against the law in Wisconsin to hold any hand-held device while driving through a road work construction zone unless there is an emergency.  This law has been in effect in the state of Wisconsin since 2016.  Drivers caught in violation face penalty and fines.

The construction industry has one of the highest rates of worker injuries in the United States.  Multiple workers and subcontractors, frequent deliveries of materials, powerful machinery, exhaustion, strict deadlines, and working closely to busy streets and roadways create additional hazards. Wisconsin’s safe-place statute holds housing developers and owners of other construction sites to a high standard. Our attorneys understand all relevant aspects of the law and facts, including OSHA regulations and common trade practices. At residential and commercial building sites, maintaining a safe workplace has to be a high priority for all contractors, subcontractors and suppliers on the site.

    • Were safety standards followed at all times on the site? One subcontractor in a hurry or one defective nail gun can be all it takes to injure a worker and change a life. Quickly rigged temporary wiring and a liquid spill can combine for an electrical shock accident that causes serious burns. Failure to clean up debris throughout the construction process can cause a trip-and-fall accident.
    • Was the equipment safe and in proper working order? A defective ladder or scaffolding can cause a long fall with broken bones, a brain injury or wrongful death. Saws and nail guns must have safety features that are kept in good working condition. A faulty gas connection can cause an explosion that harms many workers.
    • Our law firm knows how to investigate construction site accidents. We have investigators and experts who can review what happened and find out who is liable for the accident.  This applies to construction workers, as well as non-workers that are injured due to a dangerous construction site accident.

If you have a work injury from a construction site accident, such as those noted below, you need to focus on your medical treatment and getting well.  Hand over your legal concerns to the trusted and experienced personal injury attorneys at Action Law Offices.  We fight, and we win cases.

  • Eye injury
  • Neck injury
  • Chemical burn injury
  • Wrongful death injury
  • Spinal cord injury
  • Death

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