Product Liability

Consumer Product Liability Lawyer

If you or a family member have needed medical care after a consumer product liability injury, you may be due for compensation.  Action Law Offices has a long and successful history of representing clients injured by products. Many attorneys in Wisconsin will not consider taking these kinds of cases because they are generally considered too complex and difficult to prove who is liable for the product that caused the injury.  In addition, many people, or consumers, may not know what a product liability case is. However, the attorneys at Action Law Offices thrive on the challenges of such cases, and have successfully obtained large jury verdicts for our clients.

Product Liability Case

How do you know if you have a liability case from a product that has caused injury?  If you can relate to these statements below, or have a similar situation, you may have a product liability case, and should contact an Action Law Offices Injury attorney:

  • Someone has suffered an injury from a household item such as a cleaning product, heater, kitchen electronic device, power tool or other product used around the home or garage.
  • A child has suffered an injury from using a toy, infant furniture, child gates, a stroller, baby crib or toddler bed, or any item intended for children. Other Child-related injuries.
  • You have been seriously injured from a product such as medical device, electronic equipment or consumed a prescribed drug that you were taking and have since learned was on a product recall list.
  • Defective auto parts such as faulty airbags or fuel tanks, inoperative cruise control, seat belt failure or other automotive defect has caused an accident with injuries.
  • Recreational products such as trampolines, skateboards, playground equipment, and bikes that you thought were safe for play has badly injured your child.
  • A Recreational Vehicle with a motor such as an ATV, go-cart, boat, snowmobile, or jet ski had product failure which caused an accident that has left one or more people seriously hurt.

Product Liability Claim

Accidents happen, and consumers also have rights.  One of those rights is to be safe and to be able to trust the quality and dependability of the products we use.  If a serious injury occurs, and it can be proven that a company has failed to make a safe product, then you should have the right to obtain fair compensation through a personal injury claim.

If you or a family member have been injured by a product of any kind, you’ll have lots of questions, including whether or not injury compensation is a possibility.  You can get a good feel for what you may be entitled to by contacting a personal injury product liability lawyer at Action Law Offices for a free case evaluation. We’ll answer your questions and steer you in the right direction.

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