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recreational accident lawyer, high speed accident, recreation accidentRecreational accidents refer to power sports that cause serious injury to the body and head often include high speed and high impact.  In some cases, alcohol and or drugs may also be a factor in the accident.  There are times, however, when negligence, poor maintenance or dangerous conditions cause accidents and injuries. In recreational activities, there is always a chance of injury. But if the injury is caused by negligence, the person who caused the accident should be held accountable.

Compensation for Recreation Accidents

If you have been injured in a boating accident, a jet ski accident, a snowmobile accident an ATV accident, or any other types of recreational accidents, talk to a personal injury lawyer about what happened.  You may be entitled to compensation for your injuries.

  • Were you injured in a boating or jet ski accident? Jet Skis and other personal watercraft can cause serious injuries. Drunk boating accidents are all too common in states like Wisconsin.  A fast-moving boat operated by someone under the influence of drugs or alcohol is all it takes for a bad accident to happen.  Another example could be a boat crossing a tow line, injuring a skier or a boat striking someone swimming in the water.  If your boating accident injury was caused by another’s negligence, talk to an Action Law boat accident lawyer.
  • Were you injured in a snowmobile accident? Although winter snow can look soft and fluffy, falling into it after being ejected from a snowmobile operating at high speed… is no soft landing.  Snowmobiles that run into trees are going to cause injuries to the driver and passenger.   Snowmobiles that zip over hills and hit an innocent bystander are likely to cause serious injuries.  If your snowmobile accident was caused by the negligence of another person, contact Action Law snowmobile accident lawyers.
  • Were you injured in an ATV Accident?  ATV’s are popular power sport and utility vehicles in Wisconsin.  When an ATV is operated recklessly, multiple serious injuries and wrongful death can result. One example involves an ATV moving at high speed, flipping over in a ditch, and crashing into innocent bystanders can suffer catastrophic injuries.  Another example can include being the passenger of an ATV operator who crashes under the influence.
  • Were you injured in a different kind of recreational accident?  Sports combined with negligence can cause serious injuries in any kind of recreational accident.  Careless maintenance or supervision of a swimming pool can cause a drowning accident. Skiing and snowboarding pose very real risks for enthusiasts.  Mini-bikes or any operational toy with wheels and a motor can cause grievous injuries — quadriplegia, paraplegia, brain injury, multiple broken bones and other injuries.  Talk to a lawyer who can investigate and assess whether you have a case.

Injured in Recreational Accidents

Our law firm has represented clients who have been grievously injured when visiting a zoo, going on a cruise or going to the state fair. In all those cases, negligence turned a pleasant day into a nightmare for the victims. Homeowners insurance or business insurance can cover many injuries sustained while recreating. Our lawyers understand the recreational immunity statute, which has limited citizen abilities to bring certain claims. Our attorneys can assess your case in light of this law to determine whether you are entitled to damages.  Free case evaluation.

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Summer and winter sports enthusiasts enjoy Wisconsin’s many recreational opportunities.  If you or a child have been injured to the negligence of someone else, contact the accident lawyers at Action Law Offices.  We have the resources and ability to investigate recreational accidents. Even more important, our personal injury attorneys are concerned about our clients and want them to have the compensation they need to fully recover from accident injuries.

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If someone in your family has been injured because of negligence, turn your legal needs over to the personal injury attorneys at Action Law Offices.

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