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Boat Accidents

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Watercraft Boating Accidents

Injured in a watercraft or boating accident? Has a loved one drowned due to negligence?  Take Action.

On large or small bodies of water, drowning, recreational boating accidents or boat collisions can happen anywhere in Wisconsin, and they do.  Boat accidents are typically caused by an inattentive or inexperienced operator, reckless actions and excessive speed, and or hazardous conditions.  Drug and alcohol related watercraft accidents are on the decline but continue to be a contributing factor to many boat crashes on Wisconsin lakes.  Operating a boat under the influence can be a dangerous, potentially life-threatening situation to innocent swimmers, and others out to enjoy the water.

Safe boating in Wisconsin is a responsibility and privilege.  Boaters have a responsibility to stay alert for swimmers, snorklers, canoes, kayaks, jet ski's and other boaters on the water.  Depending up the age of the boat operator, they may be laws that require boat safety training to legally operate the motorized boat or personal watercraft.

Leading Causes of Boating Accidents in Wisconsin

  • Depending upon the age of the boat operator, they may legally require a boating safety course to safely operate a motor boat.  With the right conditions, an inexperienced or ill-prepared boat operator can be deadly on the water.
  • Wisconsin is tough with BUI's.  (Boaters under the influence.)  This is because impaired or drunk boaters cause accidents.  If an intoxicated boater has caused injury to you or a family member, seek legal guidance with a recreational accident attorney at Action Law Offices.
  • Lakes have boating rules and regulations on speed, noise and wake zones.  Speed limits typically change depending upon the time of day and are more limited in areas where there are others enjoying the water.  Speed that exceed the safe and reasonable limits of the given body of water are unacceptable.
  • There are more uncommon and preventable boating accidents than can also happen which may include carbon monoxide poisoning, electrocution in the water, hypothermia in cold water, or injury by propellers.
  • According to the Wisconsin DNR and the U.S. Coast Guard, the most common causes of a boating fatalities in non-motorized boats or boating in deep water, such as Lake Michigan, are due to capsizing, drowning, and or hyperthermia.  Weather conditions, unstable watercraft, and mechanical problems can influence this outcome.
  • Failure to carry the proper safety equipment such as lifejackets, or overcrowding a watercraft vessel are recipe for disaster.


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