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Schoolbus Accidents

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Whether an inattentive driver or faulty equipment ultimately caused the bus accident, injuries can be especially traumatic to children and may impact the rest of their lives.  Families rely on school buses daily as a standard mode of transportation for their children. Parents expect the school bus driver to safely deliver their children to their destination.  Unfortunately, when proper maintenance and safety procedures are overlooked, innocent lives of children are put at risk.  If your child was the victim of a catastrophic school bus accident, seek experienced legal help immediately.

Pursuing Justice Against Preventable School Bus Accidents

Part of our background investigation includes determining fault in preventable school bus accidents. Our firm's personal injury attorneys have held bus companies responsible for accidents, which could have been prevented if the driver had properly deployed the bus' safety stop sign. We invest the right resources to determine the cause of catastrophic and fatal bus accidents.

  • We are skilled investigators. The attorneys at our law firm act quickly to preserve evidence and investigate the cause of serious school bus accidents. We review police reports and meet with eyewitnesses to gather as much information as possible. Our legal team also evaluates property damages and, when appropriate, works with accident scene reconstructionists to determine if driver negligence, unsafe road conditions or lack of vehicle maintenance possibly caused the accident.
  • We devote substantial resources to determine liability. Even if another motorist is at fault, the school bus company could also be held liable for failing to follow standard procedures. We review school districts' policies to understand their safety procedures. Some school districts require children to be dropped off on a certain side of the street. Other districts prohibit drivers from dropping off unsupervised children of a certain age. If your bus company violated the district's standard procedures, we will hold them accountable.
  • We will pursue maximum compensation. An injury to a child can be emotionally and physically damaging. Our legal team will consult your child's doctor to understand the extent of their injuries. We will illustrate how your child has been affected both in the short- and long-term in an effort to help you and your family obtain a full recovery.

The bus accident attorneys at Action Law Offices will be relentless in our pursuit of justice.

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Before Contacting a Personal Injury Lawyer, You Should Know:

The insurance adjustor is on the insurance company’s side, not yours.

Some are aggressive and try to scare people into not making a claim or into accepting very little compensation. Other adjustors seem kind and helpful — and then use your own words to deny your claim. The bottom line: the less the insurance company has to pay out, the more incentive the adjustor has.

We will investigate to establish liability and damages.

Our law firm has extensive resources to investigate an accident and assess who was at fault, regardless of the accident type. We work with a range of investigators and experts whose expertise provides crucial information for our determination of a fair settlement value.

Our attorneys can explain your coverage and your rights.

If you were hit by an uninsured or underinsured driver, your insurance company may fail to tell you about your rights under your own policy. We can also help you understand your medical coverage under your health insurance policy.