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Blogs and articles cover basic accident and injury topics. If you or someone you know has been injured in an accident, you may be interested in Action Law Offices blogs and articles. We cover the basics, such as types of personal injuries, personal injury cases, tips for working with a personal injury lawyer, hiring a PI law firm, your legal rights, personal injury law, what’s in local Wisconsin news, and other educational material that could strengthen your knowledge of the personal injury legal process. For legal advice regarding your injury case, consult an attorney directly.

Do The Right Thing Even When Nobody Is Watching Driving a vehicle according to the rules of the road, following state, federal laws and posted guidelines should be automatic.  One would think that doing the right thing, even when nobody is watching is a sign of integrity and personal responsibility, even when it comes to…read more

Wisconsin Slip and Fall Injury It’s fair to say that some folks are graceful, and that others are more accident prone, but we’ve all had slips, trips and falls to one extent or another. This time of year phone inquiries regarding potential slip, trip and fall cases increase. This is partially due to the slippery,…read more

Drunk Driving is a Choice Drunk driving is negligence in its purest form. If your blood alcohol concentration is at or above the Wisconsin state limit of .08% then your driving under the influence. Even if your just feeling a little buzzed, you could be over the legal limit. While under the influence of a…read more

Proving Liability for Accident on Premises Proving negligence is an absolute must to win a premises liability case. This can be tricky and down-right complicated, emphasizing the need to have a good liability lawyer on your side.  Your lawyer will launch an investigation. To prove negligence the scene of the accident will be visited, pictures…read more

Accidents of All Types Happen Quickly Tragically, nearly 6 million car accidents occur in the US every year. Car wrecks are the most common type of accident involved in personal injury cases. Car accidents have the potential to be especially devastating. Injuries can range from soft tissue injuries to disfigurement to the loss of limbs or even…read more

The Cognitive Brain Cognitive skills are used to safely operate a motor vehicle because they are directly related to a driver’s ability to make informed decisions. Our brains use cognitive skills to think, learn, read, remember, reason and focus. Effectively processing new information and retaining previous knowledge allows one to plan ahead and foresee potential…read more

Government Immunity in Wisconsin The government immunity law in Wisconsin is directly related to the long existing U.S. existing law of sovereign immunity. By design, its intention is to protect government employees from lawsuits. For many years however, courts have struggled with defining where to draw the line between protections and liabilities. The question is,…read more

Fireworks Burns & Injuries Summer celebrations in Wisconsin are in full swing including Summerfest, the upcoming 4th of July and dozens of other carnivals, festivals, events and parades.  Summers are short so family and friends frequently gather for weddings, baseball games and barbeque by the pool. Besides bug bites and sunburns, summer celebrations pose less-obvious…read more

Roundabouts and Accidents Accidents do occur in European traffic circles or “roundabouts” as we call them here in the U.S.  However, they are designed to prevent the more serious accidents.  Traffic moves in a single direction which means that dangerous crashes including right-angle, left-turn or head-on collisions are less likely to happen. Many studies have…read more

Insurance Adjuster Representing Other Driver Shortly after a car accident, and possibly before choosing a personal injury attorney, the insurance adjuster from the insurance company representing the other driver is going to call.  The job of the insurance adjuster is to interview the parties involved in auto accidents, inspect the properties that were damaged, and…read more

DISCLAIMER: Blogs and articles cover very basic accident and injury topics for education and awareness such as statistics, Wisconsin Laws, injury areas, compensation and injury victim rights. Information not intended for legal advice; consult with an attorney directly.