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Obtaining maximum compensation is the ultimate goal of any injury case.  When searching for an accident attorney, start with a firm that has a personal injury focus. The amount of experience the firm has in representing personal injury cases, and how well their team works together matters. The difference in how your accident case is handled will impact the potential outcome of your case.

Hiring the wrong accident attorney can be a big mistake, and a huge waste of time.

We understand that the thought of having to hire an injury lawyer can be overwhelming.  Take advantage of the free initial consultation, (case evaluation), that most law firms offer.  We encourage everyone to do this.  During the consultation, the injury attorney should treat you with respect and compassion.  It doesn’t matter what the details are surrounding your accident.   Good injury attorneys will be good listeners.  They will also ask good questions and offer some basic advice regarding the best way to move forward.  Find the injury law firm that will treat you like an injured person.  You have been the victim of an accident.  You deserve better than to be treated as a number!

Wisconsin attorneys at Action Law Offices focus on one thing, personal injury cases.  We have a long track record of success.  We ensure that every case, and every client, receives personalized attention.  We have much respect for our clients.  It is important to us that each case is handled with care and dignity.  If you have lost a loved one, if you yourself have experienced pain and suffering from a terrible accident, we want to help.  We fight for compensation. Our team has what takes to obtain justice.  The attorneys at our local law firm have the knowledge, experience, and support of highly trained investigators, experts and other team members.  If necessary, we’ll take your case to trial to achieve the compensation that is rightfully yours.

Injured?  Take Action!  

If you have sustained injuries as the result of the negligence of another person, you are in the right place.!  Your initial consultation with an Action Law Personal Injury lawyer is free.  Simply call, or fill out this form online to get started.  An attorney will listen to the details of your accident, evaluate your options, and explain your rights.  It will give you piece of mind to know what your next step should be.  If Action Law agrees to represent your case, and you also agree to hire Action Law Offices, we’ll work on a contingency fee basis.  This means that you pay nothing unless your case is won.

Learn more about our Southeastern Wisconsin Personal Injury Lawyers.

Our attorney profile pages provide more in-depth information about each of our four personal injury attorneys including their areas of practice, volunteer work, and other qualifications such as admissions and education.  Simply click on the image below to read more about the attorney you have selected.

Attorney Michael C. Leffler - Action Law Offices Personal Injury Law Firm

Michael D. Leffler

Attorney Steven C. Gabert - Action Law Offices Personal Injury Law Firm

Steven C. Gabert

Patrick M. Bertrandt - Action Law Offices Personal Injury Law Firm

Patrick M. Bertrandt

Evan D. Berube - Action Law Offices Personal Injury Law Firm

Evan D. Berube

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We have proudly and successfully represented injured people in Southeastern Wisconsin for nearly twenty years.  The personalized attention and team approach make Action Law one of the most sought after and personally referred personal injury law firms in the area.  If you have been injured as the result of the neglegence of another party, allow us to make your case, our next top priority.