Back to School with “Reasonable and Prudent” Driving Precautions

accident involving child, compensation for child injury, traumatic injury to a child, personal injury of a chiild, accident injury of a minorChildren in Wisconsin have made their way back to school for the 2016-2017 academic year.  This means there is much more activity on streets around schools, and more attention required by drivers.  Motor vehicles can cause especially traumatic injuries to children.  Posted signs for pedestrian crossings and slower speed limits in a school zone must be respected and followed.  Drivers must be keenly aware of new activity such as crossing guards stopping traffic, kids crossing the streets, school buses and children on bikes.   Action Law’s Be Seen Bike Safety.

Official road traffic signs take priority but the State of Wisconsin takes child safety a step further by implementing “reasonable and prudent” limits in areas where children are present.  This means that even if signs are not posted, it is expected that you are slowing for children, typically 15 MPH.  Here are some other situations whereby “reasonable and prudent” driving precautions would be expected:

  • Streets, driveways, roads, allys and sidewalks within or near a park, home, or recreation area or near a school where children can be present. (In and out of school zones.)
  • Safety zones and area around buses to allow safe transportation of passengers.

Slow down!  Children are present.

Every year children are injured by traveling vehicles, not just at busy intersections, but also in places such as residential areas and parks.  “Reasonable and prudent” driving precautions pertain to all of these areas.  Because not all vehicles are equipped with backup safety cameras, it is also reasonable to expect the careful check around a vehicle before, and while, backing up from a driveway or parking spot.   Everything that can be done to prevent the injury or death of another child is worth every ounce of attention.

Accidental Injuries or death to a Child most often by:

  • Motor-Vehicle Crash
  • Crashes involving ATV’s and Snowmobiles
  • Fires or Drowning
  • Poison or Suffocation
  • Falls

Claim on Behalf of Injured Minor.

Children are still growing and have many years of development ahead.  For this and many more reasons, asserting claims for compensation of an injured child can be more complex.  As expected, parents have many questions about making claims on behalf of their injured minor.   Be sure to hire a law firm like Action Law Offices who has the experience representing injured children and their families.

If your child, infant or teen has been injured, and you would like to know if a personal injury claim is possible, contact Action Law Offices for a free case evaluation.  We have represented and successfully obtained compensation for cases involving children, pedestrians, school bus accidents for twenty years in Metro-Milwaukee and Southeastern Wisconsin…and we can help you as well.

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