Personal Injury Blogs and Articles

Blogs and articles cover basic accident and injury topics. If you or someone you know has been injured in an accident, you may be interested in Action Law Offices blogs and articles. We cover the basics, such as types of personal injuries, personal injury cases, tips for working with a personal injury lawyer, hiring a PI law firm, your legal rights, personal injury law, what’s in local Wisconsin news, and other educational material that could strengthen your knowledge of the personal injury legal process. For legal advice regarding your injury case, consult an attorney directly.

Should you trust the Insurance Company? In nearly all cases, the insurance company will be most concerned with their own profits, instead of your injuries.  Conversations with an insurance company should be strategic.  When you hire an Action Law Offices injury attorney, you’re hiring a legal advocate that has your best interests at hand.  We’ll…read more

Protecting Rights Of Injured People In Milwaukee Michael D. Leffler leads the law firm with his partner owner, Attorney Steven Gabert. In the past fifteen years, Action Law Offices Milwaukee, Racine and West Bend has been recognized for outstanding service to injured people in our local communities. Attorney Leffler has extensive legal expertise as an…read more