Racine, Wisconsin

racine wi shores of lake michiganRacine Wisconsin has a population of nearly 80,000 people, and the fifth-largest city in Wisconsin.  Due to the amount of traffic, the interstate near Racine is a location for traffic jams and motor vehicle accidents.  The city of Racine is located about 30 miles south of Milwaukee and 60 miles north of Chicago, making it a central location between two of Wisconsin’s largest cities.  The shores of Lake Michigan beautifully line the east side of Racine, and the mouth of the Root River found to the west.  North south interstate 1-94 goes from Racine Wisconsin, down to the state line of Illinois, and up towards Milwaukee.  Racine county crash statistics from NHTSA show, like most cities, indicate that accidents often involve motor vehicles such as cars, trucks, motorcycles and semi’s.  Other accidents reported involve pedestrians, bicyclists, and dog bites.  

“Racine-Kenosha” Metro Area,
historians say, was one of the first steps towards the establishment of Southeastern Wisconsin.  The two cities share beautiful beaches, neighbors, and history.  Many people today still refer to these two cities as if they are one, such as “Racine/Kenosha.”  Downtown Racine and downtown Kenosha are both vibrant and diversified in population, and both have a large commuter population.  In recent news, this area has become the new home of Foxconn, a large tech company that has brought thousands of new jobs to the area. Even with all of the commuting, population growth and activities, accidents in Racine are not higher here vs the accident ratios of other Wisconsin cities. 

racine wi kringleRacine County seems to know how to bring together urban, rural, and long-distant visitors. The kringle is Wisconsin’s official state pastry, and made right in Racine County.  Hundreds are made fresh daily and shipped throughout Southeastern WI.  Really, if you are going to drive to Racine, get yourself a Kringle!  They can also be found at many grocery stores in and around Southeastern Wisconsin.  Looking for more farm fresh fun?  Each summer, the Racine County Fair offers a wide variety of food, farm, games, and entertainment. 

Passing through Racine Wisconsin?  
Presidential candidates do, and so should you!  There is so much to do in and around the city of Racine, WI.  Attractions such as the wind point lighthouse, Racine County Zoo, aquariums, walking parks, museums, outdoor activities and plenty of shopping.  Also, Racine is the location of several corporate headquarters such as SC Johnson Wax.  For more ideas regarding what to do in Racine, visit The Visitors Racine wi lighthouseand Conventions Bureau of Racine County.  When planning a trip to the Racine-Kenosha area, avoid early a.m and late afternoons on the interstates as these areas become fairly busy with traffic and backups. 


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