Cyclists Face Dangers Sharing Road

Cyclist And Motor Vehicle

For a cyclist, accidents involving vehicles can be especially devastating. As one could expect, it’s likely going to be the cyclist that sustains the most severe injuries. Cyclists aren’t always ready to put away their bikes away when summer ends. Look around and you’ll see plenty of bikes commuting, or enjoying the weather during all seasons. When someone heads outdoors for a bike ride, they don’t expect a cycling accident. As cyclists ride, they expect to be treated basically as another vehicle. After all, a cyclist has the same rights and follows nearly all “rules of the road.” (The only exception would be the newly passed law in Wisconsin that allows a cyclist to proceed after stopping at a red light after 45 seconds if they suspect the light sensor won’t detect bikes.)

Dangers Cyclist and Pedestrian Face

Sadly, cyclist and pedestrian fatalities skyrocketed last year. According to NHTSA, bicyclist deaths happen far more often in urban, rather than rural areas. Even after many cities have paved bike routes and publically encouraged bike advocacy…bike accidents are still on the rise. Here are some of the dangers cyclist and pedestrians face:

• Getting cut off (passing in front of bike)
• Stuck behind an abruptly stopping vehicle
• Caught behind a vehicle backing up
• Hit by door of parked as it opens
• T-Junctions or Narrow Roads
• Hit & Run Accident
• Car driving into bicycle lane
• Potholes or roadway obstruction



Reckless drivers shouldn’t scare cyclists from enjoying the ride outdoors, however, they should be held accountable. This is where a personal injury attorney comes in. Action Law Offices is one such law firm who represents cyclists in and around Southeastern Wisconsin. They represent the injured victims of crashes or incidents that were not their fault. An innocent life can’t be brought back but a wrongful death suit may help the families who are left to suffer the tragic loss. Practice your legal right to obtain compensation. Hire a law firm who can best represent your case, provide unmatched personal attention, and has a track record of success. Action Law Offices attorneys fight insurance companies and wins compensation for injured cyclists.

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