Gathering Evidence After An Auto Accident

accident reconstruction, accident evidence, gathering evidence, accident attorney, car accidentThe first stage of investigation after an auto accident is to gather evidence.  The on-the-spot investigation is typically performed by a police officer, or officers who have been called to the location of the crash.  When law enforcement arrives to the scene of the accident, they gather evidence and place those findings in an accident report.  How detailed that accident report becomes may differ depending up on the officer, and a multitude of other variables.  Generally, a report will include basic information having to do with location, witnesses, persons and vehicles involved, approximate time of accident and insurance companies.

There are almost always details that are left unchecked or unnoticed within that filed accident report.  These details are precisely the items your accident attorney will want to uncover.  For personal injury claims, details prove to be very important in supporting car accident lawsuit claims.  Details not initially noted by the first responders can be investigated; accident reconstruction can be done at any point if found necessary to support your case.  Initially, your Action Law Offices car accident attorney will listen to your account of the accident, read witnesses statements, and refer to the police report as a gathering evidence starting point.


Car Accident Case; It’s About The Details

Because accident reports filed by law enforcement contain mostly basic information, accident lawyers often launch their own investigations.  Uncovering the hidden details will support claims behind the cause of the wreck, or to prove who or what was at fault.  It is pretty amazing how cases can swayed based upon the finest of details.  Uncovering those details is where a good accident attorney really comes into play.  The more details found to support the claim, the more compensation that may be awarded for your injuries and damages.

Additional investigation into an auto accident case is not unusual. Your accident attorney understands what evidence will be needed to impact the end result of a car accident claim.   However, how well it is done is going to make a difference.  Look for an accident law firm that specializes in personal injury claims, and has many years track record.

Extended Gathering of Evidence Examples:

  • Photographs, including close-ups of the damage, vehicles themselves, any items struck, and the surrounding environment including 360-degree angles
  • Thorough vehicle inspections, these are observations that support or question witness statements about accident details, and could also potentially reveal conditions that were previously missed
  • Weather conditions, improperly marked areas, obstruction of visibility, signs of distracted driving or impaired driving at time of accident
  • Accident reconstruction, which will involve important calculations based upon mathematical measurements, physics, sequence of events, speed, directions, relative positions, and both pre and post-accident findings.

Auto Accident Lawyers

Gathering detailed evidence, performing thorough inspections, and reconstructing accidents to support vehicle accident cases is specialized work.  The accident attorneys at Action Law Offices have uncovered important details for auto injury cases for nearly twenty years.  Contact our auto accident attorneys for more information about gathering evidence that could work towards obtaining maximum compensation for your injuries.

DISCLAIMER: Blogs and articles cover very basic accident and injury topics for education and awareness such as statistics, Wisconsin Laws, injury areas, compensation and injury victim rights. Information not intended for legal advice; consult with an attorney directly.