Helmets, Safety And Legal Options

helmet, safety, helmet law wi, brain injury, motorcycle helmet, bike helmetFew will disagree that bicyclists and motorcyclists who wear appropriate helmets may suffer fewer, less-series injuries in the event of an accident.  Powerful engines and high speeds add severity to accident injuries. However, many still choose not to wear them.  Wisconsin is not a universal helmet law state so wearing a helmet is a choice for some riders.

Here in Southeastern Wisconsin, we recently had a few warm days in the middle of winter.  The weather brought people outdoors, and on to the roads.  Motorcycles and cyclists have equal rights to use the same roadways as cars and trucks do. During winter, however, other motorists aren’t accustomed to this activity which is expected in Spring.  Bikes are also at a greater disadvantage, obviously less visible, less protected than car drivers, and least expected.  Even the most cautious drivers may be caught by surprise in situations such as this.

Statistics Regarding Usage of Motorcycle Helmets:

  • Motorcycle fatalities rose by 10% in 2015.
  • Many states have seen an increase again in 2016.
  • Fewer than 3% of registered passenger vehicles are motorcycles.
  • Helmets 37% effective in preventing motorcycle accident deaths.
  • Helmets 67% effective in preventing brain injuries after an accident.
  • Only 19 states and Washington D.C. require all riders wear a helmet.
  • *Sources Consumer Rpts, DOT, IIHS

Wisconsin Helmet Law

The use of  helmets reduces the likelihood of traumatic injuries, but most bikers still have the legal right to choose not to wear them.  In Wisconsin, most riders have the right to choose or reject helmet usage.  Our law states that only motorcycle operators and passengers with an instructional permit or those under 18 years of age are required to follow mandatory helmet laws.

What A Good Helmet Cannot Avoid: Legal Options

The risk of any bike and auto crash is impacted not just by weather conditions or helmets usage, but also by the actions and choices of other drivers.  Inattentive driving, alcohol or drug use, speed, drug use, and traffic violations are all factors that cause accidents, and can also result in injuries.  Action Law Offices personal injury lawyers defend accident victims, regardless of their helmet viewpoints.  If you are involved in a bicycle accident, or motorcycle accident, and have suffered a head injury, brain injury, or other bodily harm, seek medical assistance then contact us for  your free consultation to determine your legal options.

Action Law Bike Safety Program For Kids

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