Medical Treatment During Pandemic

Should you forego medical treatment? This is a decision folks are facing, if involved in an accident today. The COVID-19 virus pandemic has filled hospital emergency rooms and hospital beds. However, a potential personal injury lawsuit depends heavily on being evaluated by doctors and following treatment plans. Your health prognosis depends on it as well. Today, due the situation caused by the pandemic, you’re left wondering if medical treatment is worth the risk, or even possible. Getting the medical treatment you need may be a little tricky, but not impossible. By far, the most important thing you can do right now, is to seek legal advice from an accident attorney. Action Law Offices is open during many crisis situations, including the current COVID-19 pandemic.

Legal Counsel During Pandemic

An Action Law Offices attorney will have valuable and insightful advice regarding options and best next steps to take. Our attorneys know exactly what is needed to obtain maximum compensation for your losses. Action Law Offices is here to provide the legal advice you need right now. Even if there are delays in case resolution due to COVID-19, at least you’ll know that your on the right track. Action Law attorneys understand the complexities at hand. For more than twenty years we have helped people just like you obtain monetary compensation for damages resulting from accidents of all types. Even during the current pandemic, we encourage accident victims to exercise their legal rights. To begin this process, get your free case evaluation from an attorney by calling or filling out this online request form.

Don’t Panic, Be Prepared

At times like these, we must expect the unexpected. A pandemic like COVID-19 doesn’t change the need for medical treatment. If you experience life-threatening injuries, emergency assistance may be necessary. Call 911. In normal circumstances, an ambulance would arrive and deliver you to emergency services. However, due to the current demand of medical services and personnel, there’s a chance that volunteers may be needed to get you there. Be prepared for the reality of the situation at hand, but try not to panic. Take precautions to protect yourself or others who may be involved in the accident. Finally, don’t hesitate to get legal counsel from an experienced accident attorney at Action Law Offices.

Medical Assistance During Pandemic

Accident cases cover a wide range of injury types; everything from scars to loss of limbs or loss of life. The most life-threatening injuries rely on intensive care units or trauma centers. How soon you get the medical care may be the difference between life or death. Intense, urgent and life-saving medical treatments for accident injuries may include:

  • Emergency Surgery. May be necessary for such things as internal injuries, trauma to the skull, broken bones, facial disfigurement, spinal cord, neck, or back injuries, (herniated disks), or loss of limbs.
  • Intensive Care. (ICU) May involve injuries to major organ function that require ventilators to help with breathing, cardiac equipment to stabilize the heartbeat or other monitoring equipment to observe and treat failing bodily functions.

Non-Life Threatening Injuries

Injuries that appear to be less of an emergency may still need to be addressed sooner rather than later. This is because non-life threatening injuries can potentially have a life-long impact on your health and well-being. They may require extended care, physical therapy, or future surgical procedures. If your injuries are non life-threatening, but serious enough to consider a personal injury lawsuit, get some professional advice. Feedback from an accident attorney can provide some guidance and support during this difficult time. Keep in mind that everyone is adjusting to this unprecedented pandemic situation. It may take longer than usual to get appointments with doctors and specialists. It’s a possibility that all necessary appointments may not be completed before your injury lawsuit is resolved. During the lawsuit process, you may have to meet with your attorney or other professionals in a virtual environment. Be flexible during this challenging time, but vigilant as well.

Doctor Recommended Care

During the COVID-19 people with pre-existing medical conditions such as heart problems or diabetes are at higher risk of death if they contract the virus. Understandably, there may be some fear in going to healthcare systems that are already filled with infected patients. Your treatment may also be delayed for this reason. In any case, your accident attorney will need to know more about your doctor recommended care. The treatment plan will need to be reviewed. The long-term prognosis will need to be determined. The selected doctors, treatments and procedures are critical components to a personal injury case. For this reason, if you contact your injury attorney right away, they can recommended medical professionals to care for you.

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