Milwaukee Traffic Situation

Due to Wisconsin governors “stay at home” orders, March traffic was down 50% from beginning of month to end. (DOT traffic volume stats) Although traffic has declined near Action Law’s Milwaukee location and on Milwaukee’s interstates, some people are reporting heavier than normal traffic on non-interstate roads. There are also an increasing number of children on bikes, road cyclist’s and motorcycle enthusiasts. On a typical day, Milwaukee interstates and other highly-traveled routes can be “bumper to bumper” with plenty of stressed-out commuters. Distracted drivers get caught up doing things other than driving. Speeding and seemingly impatient drivers make risky maneuvers that cause crashes and injuries. Don’t let your guard down; these events can still occur within the current Milwaukee traffic situation.

City Of Milwaukee Commuters

Most traffic in Southeastern Wisconsin is going into or out of the city of Milwaukee. According to a 2017 Marquette study, nearly 225,000 commuters go to or from the city of Milwaukee each day for work. Over the past 4-6 weeks, the Milwaukee traffic situation has changed dramatically to become just a small fraction of that number. Although rush hour and overall number of vehicles on the road look different, there are still people commuting including essential workers who must safely make it to and from work each day.

Kicking COVID-19 To The Curb

It’s amazing to see that our communities are taking COVID-19 seriously. (The decline of Milwaukee rush hour traffic is one indication of this.) However, there are still accidents that can happen. We understand that there are many things to think about and to do outside of driving. However, we are urging everyone who gets behind the wheel of a motorized vehicle not to lose focus. Continue to be proactive and aware of potential dangers. For example, there were crashes today likely due to fog visibility and downpour of rain. In addition to the dangers of inclement weather, it’s imperative that all drivers remember the rules of the road including following speed limits and traffic signals. The “stay at home” orders and Milwaukee traffic situation could change very quickly as well.

No Fees Unless We Win Your Case
Nothing is more important than your health and safety. We thank you for limiting non-essential trips. In the unfortunate event of an accident occurring during or after Wisconsin’s “stay at home” orders and you are seriously injured, contact Action Law Offices for advice. Your first consult with an attorney is always free. If you chose to retain one of our attorneys to represent you, there are no fees unless we win your case.

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