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Multi-Vehicle Accidents

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When more than a few vehicles are involved in an accident, the chain reaction is often referred to as a “multi-car pile-up” or “multi-car accident.”  It is always the responsibility of the driver to do what is necessary to ensure the safety of their passengers, occupants, and other drivers.  When a driver fails to do this, and environmental conditions are primed, the stage could be set for a multi-car accident.

Multi-car pile-ups can involve a variety of vehicles including trucks, cars, SUV’s and even pedestrians.  The number of vehicles involved, number of deaths or injuries sustained, and multiple insurance companies make these cases extremely complicated.   Multi-car cases require complicated investigation that can only be handled by a reputable, and experienced personal injury law firm.

Multi-Car Pileups Due to Wisconsin Weather

Especially in Wisconsin, slick road conditions or low visibility due to winter weather conditions are common, and especially difficult to drive in.  Many multi-car accidents that involve several vehicles happen during rush-hour when there are a large number of vehicles in commute.

Roadway hazards intensify when bad weather conditions impact visibility. Low or no visibility will make it nearly impossible to see disabled cars on the side of the road, brake lights, road signs, or other vehicles until close proximity.  Bridges, ramps, overpasses, highways and US county roads become risky.  People who drive too fast for weather conditions or those that follow too closely behind other vehicles are putting everyone on the roadway or highway at risk.

In these conditions, a quick motion or attempt to hard brake can easily lead to a chain reaction whereby successive vehicles slam into each other.  When a semi-truck loses control, it can jackknife and slam into nearby vehicles.  Passengers of small cars, mini-cars and small pickups are most at risk for serious injury, or death.

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