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How do Personal Injury Claims Work?

When careless or negligent action or inaction results in the injury of an individual, that person can file a personal injury claim. Such claims address civil complaints against businesses, individuals, or virtually any entity. These situations can often be complicated and strained, and insurance companies may not be willing to pay for medical expenses, lost wages, and other forms of distress. For 20 years, Action Law Offices has been here to guide you – and to significantly extend the monetary amount of your injury compensation.

We have the resources required to handle complicated personal injury cases. In addition to a professional administrative and paralegal staff, we bring in experienced investigators, engineers, medical professionals, and other expert witnesses as needed to prove fault and hold negligent parties accountable. We’ll bring you a speedy and low-stress resolution to your case; rest assured you won’t be pushed around by massive insurance conglomerates.

Accidents interrupt and disrupt your life. Side effects may be short- or long-term, physical or mental. When accidents happen, you are going to have questions. Let us answer them for free. Let us help preserve your legal rights and maximize your compensation. Accidents aren’t predictable, but our results are.

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Before Contacting a Personal Injury Lawyer, You Should Know:

The insurance adjustor is on the insurance company’s side, not yours.

Some are aggressive and try to scare people into not making a claim or into accepting very little compensation. Other adjustors seem kind and helpful — and then use your own words to deny your claim. The bottom line: the less the insurance company has to pay out, the more incentive the adjustor has.

We will investigate to establish liability and damages.

Our law firm has extensive resources to investigate an accident and assess who was at fault, regardless of the accident type. We work with a range of investigators and experts whose expertise provides crucial information for our determination of a fair settlement value.

Our attorneys can explain your coverage and your rights.

If you were hit by an uninsured or underinsured driver, your insurance company may fail to tell you about your rights under your own policy. We can also help you understand your medical coverage under your health insurance policy.