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Stolen Cars Lead to Senseless Accidents and Death

stolen car accidentStealing cars is illegal and irresponsible.  It targets innocent people, and puts many more at risk of crashes and fatalities during high speed joy rides.  For many years in the Milwaukee area, car theft appeared to be on the decline.  However recent news and supporting data indicates that this problem is becoming a new epidemic brewing more illegal activity since its last peak in 2007.  Sadly, car thieves are getting younger as well, often juveniles between fourteen and eighteen.  With no fear of consequences, and the ability to drive at excessively high speeds, car thieves setup the scene for senseless accidents and even death.

Milwaukee area police received over 7,000 auto theft reports in 2015, and the problem didn’t slow in 2016.  The auto industry has made steady improvements to vehicle safety and security but this doesn’t seem to stop a determined thief.  Cars sitting in driveways, parking lots and streets have been stolen this past year.  There have even been reports of autos stolen with children inside.  Leaders in our city have been warning the public about the deadly rise in car thefts and making some recommendations such as to report suspicious activities, and to purchase locking lug nuts for your car.

The National Insurance Crime Bureau Offers this Advice:

        • Keep car locked, even if parked on street in front of your home.
        • Consider an immobilizing device that has a kill switch or fuel cut-off or smart keys.
        • Have a visible or audible warner device to help spot your car.
        • Install tracking devices that can send signals to recover stolen vehicles.

Stolen Cars Crashes and Fatalities

High speed pursuits and running red lights often cause senseless accidents involving stolen cars.  When it comes to an auto accident, and potential for fatalities, there is no discrimination between a speeding sports car and a speeding mini-van.  Other drivers, occupants, and pedestrians that are in the wrong place at the wrong time can fall victim in an instant.  High impact crashes that cause injuries to the head or other vital organs can quickly turn deadly.

Milwaukee Wrongful Death Attorneys

The loss of human life is the highest price paid for such an illegal activity.  When a loved one is taken due to the reckless action of another, this is an understandably stressful and traumatic event. We understand that no amount of money can make up for the loss of your family member.  If someone is injured or has died at the hands of reckless actions such as a high-speed chase involving a stolen car, the wrongful death attorneys at Action Law Offices are here to help you fight for justice.

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