Distracted Driving in Wisconsin

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Distracted driving of any form is inattentive and irresponsible driving.  Distracted driving accidents are under-reported and hard to prove, but there is evidence to suggest that the problem is on a steady incline.

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Back to School with “Reasonable and Prudent” Driving Precautions

Children in Wisconsin have made their way back to school for the 2016-2017 academic year.  This means there is much more activity on streets around schools, and more attention required by drivers.  Motor vehicles can cause especially traumatic injuries to children.  Posted signs for pedestrian crossings and slower speed limits in a school zone must be…

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Is driving with your pet a liability?

Americans love their pets, and love to travel with them.  It’s not uncommon to see small pets carried in purses, on bikes, or as passengers on planes.  Even though placing a pet in an airline travel cabin adds expense to travel costs, most pet-lovers don’t bark about the extra cost.  Last year, a bill was…

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