Tips To Prevent Slips, Slides & Falling

Most people this time of year are thinking about items that need to be done before the holidays. It’s generally an exciting time of year, but “to-do” lists are becoming larger. The window of time necessary to complete tasks become smaller. Gatherings, gifts and work demands become more demanding. In Wisconsin, there’s the added stress of icy roads and sidewalks that winter brings. All of this leads to rushing, speeding, and sadly, some people aren’t as considerate as they should be.

Road Conditions And Auto Accident

Weather is often to blame for accidents on streets and highways. Spin-outs, broken down vehicles and accidents do happen more frequent in rain or snow. However, accidents can’t happen without the bad judgement, lack of consideration, or overall negligent behavior of someone else. Basically, in every accident there is someone at fault for causing it. When roads are slick, all it takes is one driver to cause a rear-end or multi-car accident. It’s impossible to control what other drivers do. Yet, there are things you can do to prevent being involved in an accident yourself.

Tips To Prevent Auto Accident:

Slow Down & Take Time. Commonly throughout the season, people are in a rush. No event or meeting or dinner is as important as human life. Give yourself plenty of time to reduce stress. With a clear mind, you can focus on driving instead of eating, drinking, texting, or other distractive driving habits. Slowing down will prevent sliding across lanes or into the ditch. If another vehicle or route is causing issues, you should have extra time to slow down, or take a different route if necessary.
Watch Weather. In Wisconsin, the weather changes from mild to miserable very quickly. By checking the weather forecast each night before bed, you may avoid getting caught in weather with no extra time to deal with it. In addition, it’s always a good idea to have your phone charged in case of an emergency. Traveling with at least a half tank of gas- another good idea. Gas tanks can freeze up, and sometimes traffic can back up.
Maintenance Vehicle. Changing oil is an easy task to accommodate. Most people have stickers on their windshield reminding them of when this maintenance is due. If you haven’t invested in a nice pair of tires, now is the time. The same goes for windshield wipers; a new set will help keep windows clear during a storm and help with removing salt thrown down on icy roads. It’s sometimes difficult to know when a car battery will fail. However, if you’re already having issues with the battery, it’s better to change it now than to be stranded on the side of the road.

Conditions Right For Falling

It’s no surprise that trips and falls happen more now than other times of year. Research shows that fall injuries can be very serious, especially for older folks. Although there’s no way to control the environment, or how a business owner may or may not maintenance their property, there are things you can do to keep yourself safe from a nasty fall.

Tips That Could Prevent Falls:

Wear Adequate Footwear. This may not be the best time to wear high heels or shoes that have no traction on the soles. Slippery, icy and wet conditions require shoes or boots with no-slip soles. If you’re an elderly person, ensure your walker or cane are setup for slippery surfaces as well.
Walk in Well-Lighted Areas. Many unfortunate falling accidents can be prevented. If you can’t see where you are walking, grab an arm for support. Slow down. If necessary, have a flashlight handy. Let a business owner know if there are areas which are too difficult to get past safely.
Slow Down. The common safety tip that applies to both transportation and personal safety is to “slow down.” Sometimes it’s difficult to see icy spots. However, if you slow down a bit, you’ll be better prepared to prevent a fall.

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