Wisconsin Packers, Pumpkins and Pit Bulls

Action law offices Packers Pumpkins PitbullsWhat do Packers, pumpkins and pit bulls have in common? It’s just “that time of year,” here in Wisconsin.  Kids are back in school.  Leaves are turning, pumpkin patches are in full blossom, there’s a cool wind reminder that winter is not far away and …it’s Packer season!  The Green Bay Packers have kicked off the new season, claiming victory against  the Chicago Bears last Sunday at the opening game at Soldier Field.   As we get re-acquainted with history, (and our favorite recliner), many of us also feel the urge to make time for some outdoor activities before winter arrives.  It’s a beautiful time for a walk, and many neighborhood pets are thinking the same thing. When we set out, we expect that we can walk our sidewalks safely and that responsible dog owners are keeping their pets on a leash.

Several states, including Wisconsin, have a dog leash law that is intended to hold dog owners, and dog keepers, liable for maintaining control of their pets, and fining them if the animal is found to be untagged or running off of the owners premises.  The law is a protection measure, and gives those who enjoy the outdoors some piece of mind as they go on their way.  Laws can’t prevent all accidents, and some dogs are more inclined than others to attack and bite.

Pit Bulls have an alarming large portion of ‘dog bite’ counts according to Animal Control or Health Departments in at least twenty-eight states, including Wisconsin.  Many Pit Bull advocates disagree, but research shows an alarming percentage of dog bites, vicious dog attacks, and dog-related deaths involve pit bulls. (Any pure bred or mixed dog breed of the following fall within the pit bull classification:  American pit bull terrier, Staffordshire bull terrier, American pit bull terrier, American Staffordshire terrier, Staffordshire bull terrier, and the American bulldog.)  Dogsbite.org is a non-profit dog bite resource which can provide additional research and education regarding this topic and breed.

If you’ve been bit by a dog, of any breed, you may require extensive medical care, stitches, and/or treatment including skin grafts and reconstructive surgery.  You may have long-term emotion trauma from a dog bite, permanent disfigurement, nerve damage, disability, and scars that never go away.  Your dog bite injuries may prevent you from working and earning an income.  For answers to your questions, compensation for your injuries, or to find justice for the death of a loved one, contact a Wisconsin personal injury attorney with experience in handling dog bite cases and representing victims of dog bite accidents.

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