Be Seen: Learn About Our Bike Safety Program

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“Be Seen” Safety Program

We’re glad you’ve come to our website to learn more about “BE SEEN,” Action Law Offices Bike Safety Program!  For nearly ten years, our BE SEEN mascot, “Safety Bear,” has been involved community events and parades across Southeastern Wisconsin.  Safety bear helps us connect with children to teach really important safety skills through games, color-books, demonstrations, and one-on-one interaction.

Mission of Be Seen Bike Safety

At Action Law Offices, we are all too familiar with the tragedy of a bike accident. For more than 20 years, our personal injury attorneys have represented clients suffering from serious injuries and the wrongful death of a loved one as the result of negligence. We have seen the devastation bike accidents can cause, both emotionally and financially.  As a result, we are committed to make a difference.  If we can prevent just one bike accident, then we may save a life.  That is a great feeling!

We all know that bicycle riding can be an affordable alternative to driving a car.  But even if you just ride for fun, it’s a great exercise and fun recreational activity that the whole family can enjoy. It is important to remember, however, that bicycles are not toys; they are vehicles that share the road with other motorists. Do not depend on the other motorists to watch for you on busy streets.  It’s mostly up to you to BE SEEN and to stay safe! This is an especially important reminder to provide children of all ages before they get out on their bikes.

Safety Bear always asks bicyclists to wear bright clothing, so Action Law Offices distributes thousands of brightly-colored t-shirts to Wisconsin bikers each year!

“Be Seen” Safety Tips

  • Wear a properly fitted bicycle helmet.Statistics from the Children’s Safety Network show that head injuries contributed to more than half of all deaths in bicycle crashes. Wearing a helmet can significantly improve your chances of surviving a serious accident.
  • Adjust your bicycle to fit and check your equipment. A properly adjusted bicycle can help stabilize you while bike riding, and may help avoid tipping over if you do run into hazards. Additionally, inflating your tires and making sure your breaks work properly are simple, but necessary precautions.
  • Follow the rules of the road. Bicyclist behavior such as riding into the street without looking, riding through stop signs, and riding the wrong way in traffic can increase the chances of an accident. Follow the rules of the road to help ensure your safety.
  • Wear bright colors. Whether riding during the day or at night, wearing bright and florescent colors can help improve your chances of being seen. Reflective tape and flashing lights also make you more visible to motorist traffic.
  • Watch for road hazards. Road hazards can include anything from pot holes, to parked cars, to dogs. Make sure you aware of your surroundings. If others are riding behind you, yell out to make them aware of the hazard as well.
  • Avoid riding at night. Riding at night makes it harder for other motorists to see you. However, if you must ride in the evening or at night, make sure to wear reflective clothing. Adding reflectors or lights to your bicycle can also help make you more visible to oncoming traffic.

These tips are meant to help you avoid spinal cord damage, head trauma and other serious injuries in a bicycle accident. If you have already been injured and are in need of a bike accident lawyer in the Milwaukee area, please consider contacting our personal injury law firm. We truly care about people, and are driven to hold responsible parties accountable for their negligence.

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